Valentines Day

Treat the one that you adore to a thoughtful meal at home, made by us for you to reheat with our simple instructions for the perfect cosy night in.

There’s no better way to say “I love you” than with one of our Town+House at Home food hug hampers for click and collect on Valentines weekend.

Check out our handsome menu, here. You can get extra sentimental and choose any of our extras that will be sure to win brownie points with your other half.

If you have an allergy or specific dietary requirement, let us know in the comments box at checkout.

About us

Our passion is expressed through an experience we provide in our many offerings such as; our hand rolled and baked doughnuts with fantastic flavour combos; Clifton coffee paired with cantucci; a Second Breakfast menu featuring the Ultimate Burger Range, as well as lighter bites such as our Almond Cream Granola; specialty cocktails and our curated wine collection to pair with flavours from our Scandi-style Smorgasbords. The purpose of our mission is to take a fresh approach in the hospitality industry to showcase the creative souls that have influenced our community whilst engaging YOU in your own introduction to TOWN+HOUSE.

We have a team of enthusiastic beings bringing inspiration from around the world and diversity to the Bath food scene. 

From our lead Culinarian Connor Pouncy driving the concept of TOWN + HOUSE evolved from his own concept of The Second Breakfast Club under the Always Sunday umbrella; to Toby Helley, our leader who’s in the mix of everything behind the bar, we look forward to serving you in our house or providing an inspirational menu to take away and try in your own!

All of our photographs are provided by various extensions of our AS family including;  Liv Thomas and Izzy Moore.

Contact us

We would love to hear from you!

We have experience in producing events and can offer them here in the TOWN + HOUSE or cater for events offsite.

We love to collaborate with like minded people to create and produce new concepts. 

Our team is always growing and evolving through Always Sunday. If you feel you might have something to contribute please don’t hesitate to send a CV because we are always working on new ideas that can use great people to bring them to reality!

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Always Sunday Town+House
Address: 36 Thomas Street, Bath, BA1 5NN
Phone: 01225 428096